Marina Embroiderie Blouse for Woman Handmade S-M-L-XL-XXL

Marina Embroiderie Blouse for Woman Handmade S-M-L-XL-XXL
Marina Embroiderie Blouse for Woman Handmade S-M-L-XL-XXL
Marina Embroiderie Blouse for Woman Handmade S-M-L-XL-XXL

Marina Embroiderie Blouse for Woman Handmade S-M-L-XL-XXL

The embroideries sewn with black or brown yarn in ancient times were worn by older women who had a certain social status. Get Romanian with black or blue embroidery through the dark colors is sobriety wisdom and decency. These traditional models are specific to the area of?? Banat, in which the representative colors of the embroidery are: dark brown and dark green. But over time, these types of traditional Romanian shirts began to be present in the clothing of younger women very often found in combination with yellow or orange red.

The ladies who choose this type of traditional blouse have as their dress principles elegance and simplicity. It is usually preferred and suitable for special events. The model in the pictures has 170cm, 60kg, 92cm in bust and wears S. Please refer to our size chart to match the blouse of your size. The Romanian blouse is a series of paintings depicting stylized women wearing Romanian clothing.

Traditionally, the ie used to be entirely handmade. It was woven by countryside women, its manufacture requiring many hours of work and dedication.

The patterns and symbols sewn on the white fabric have different meanings, depending on the geographic region. For instance, a recurrent pattern is the spiral, symbolizing the evolution of life.

In some regions both the cut and fabric quality used to be related to the wealth or prestige of the family of the person who wore it. However, regardless of financial status, along with age, there is a general tendency to simplify patterns and ornaments, peasants' clothes becoming soberer. Nowadays, in an attempt to turn to authentic values, younger women find the Romanian blouse fashionable and integrate it creatively into their casual style clothes. Interestingly, this trend was assimilated by world-famous fashion designers who found a genuine source of inspiration in Romanian clothing, among whom Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Oscar de la Renta, Tom Ford or Philippe Guilet.

In fact, Guilet's 2012 fashion collection was entirely inspired by the Romanian folk wear. The Romanian blouse is made of white cotton cloth, flax or silk. It is adorned with Romanian embroidery motifs, especially at the sleeves, chest, and neck.

The interesting thing is that every region of Romania has a unique style of ia. The most used pattern for the Romanian blouse is the one with the embroidery made on the shoulders, named camasa cu altita (shirt with altita). You can find this in Bucovina, Moldova, Oltenia, Muntenia, Bran, and Covasna area. From the linguistic point of view, the term "ie" is derived from the Latin "tunicae lineae" (thin tunic worn on the skin). Popular artists define it as a sum of carefully crafted magical marks meant to protect the bearer from evil spirits.

Camasa cu tablie (shirt with headboard) you can find in Hunedoara, Padureni area, and Arad. It is characterized by rich ornamentation throughout sleeves with no folds. The pattern is one of the most spectacular of all, with a great visual impact. In Sibiu and in Southern Transylvania we find a new style of traditional folk blouse.

On the ia's shoulder, there is an ornamental strip called shoulder or hanger (camasa cu umar). A similar decoration is seen on the elbow hence the name "pisti elbow".

In Saliste, there is a unique traditional blouse called ia cu ciocanele (ia with hammers). It is predominantly decorated with black colors, and the embroidery is replaced by black ribbons sewn on the shirt. In some cases, inserts are red, yellow or blue and, more rarely, gold thread. Camasa cu lancez is found in southern and eastern Transylvania. It is characterized by the appearance of an ornamental strip under the collar, like a gallon.

It is actually a shirt with ruffles called fodore. Camasa cu platca (shirt with inset) is the specific traditional Maramures and Bihor Romanian blouse divided into two subcategories: Oas shirt (chromatic yellow) and Maramures shirt (where green predominates). Decoration on the shoulder is in both creates a sort of honeycomb. In Romanian clothing, you can also find camasa incarcata (laden shirt) and camasa cu chiept/ciupag.

The first one has decoration made of cotton, silk and even beads and the second one is distinguished by the rich embroidery on the chest made from geometrical ornaments. You can order this stunning piece of art from any country. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the goods that we have supplied, please return them to us within.

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Marina Embroiderie Blouse for Woman Handmade S-M-L-XL-XXL